What Dog Breed Is Perfect For Apartments

Whenever one selects a dog for an apartment, he should be aware of the dog characteristics, as some dogs need a lot of space to fit in. Giant paws, long legs don’t fit up well with small spaces. Besides the size of the dog, a lot of other things should also be taken care of like dog’s noisiness, its energy level, and even its friendliness. Considering these things below are some good and perfect options for dog breed for apartments.

Basenji:  This breed is the best option for small spaces, as its height does not grow more than 18 inches and it weighs around 25 pounds. Also, it is bark-less or rarely barks, so people having thin walls will not have to be afraid of their neighbour’s complaints. But it should not be left alone for long, as it needs attention and likes to be playful.

Bichon Frise:  Whatever the age of a Bichon is, it will not grow more than a foot. They are very small in size and looks like a furry tiny ball. But they love to play and are very energetic, so regular exercise makes them use their energy in a right way.

Boston Terrier:  This is another breed that is the perfect option for one while selecting a dog for an apartment. Its size that doesn’t grow more than a foot and a half makes it perfect for this category. These dogs need daily walks so that they don’t get aggressive. They are always ready for exercise, so if properly trained they are very affectionate, gentle and wonderful pets.

Some other dog breeds like Brussels Griffon, Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua, Chinese Crested, etc are some of the best-fit dog breeds for small spaces as they don’t occupy much of space and are quite calm.

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds For First Time Owner

Thinking about getting your first dog.There are some breeds of dogs that are better suited for a first timer than others. While all dogs are individuals within a breed, and can vary greatly in personalities and needs. Golden retriever stands first in the list and it is well suited for those people who have never had a dog in their family. Cane Corso Italiano.Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.Greyhound. Bichon Frise,Poodle.Border Collie.Cane Corso.The following breeds are known for their easygoing personalities.